This is where the journey contiues; more specifically, mine! I started this blog with determination and every intention of each post being centered around education of eco-systems, animals, etc. However, previosuly while writing my weekly blog, the second one to be exact, it wasn't soul food for me. Therefore, I decided to add a more personal page to my blog. I still want it to be educational, but it's curcial for me to write articles that possess meaning. I love writing, but only if it comes from an authentic, genuine place.

I have never been one who can force myself to write about any topic at any given moment, so when I do write it has to come from my heart. I have to be moved and inspired. If I write out of obligation I feel it isn't beneficial to anyone. 

This portion of the website is going be strictly for my writings whenever I feel so inspired to contribute. These posts will range from life lessons, poetry, and maybe even short stories. 

I hope you enjoy! Find everything below♥ 


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